Sig P320 XCompact Review

Sig P320 XCompact Review...The P320 Improved?

There's a whole lot to like here, as we'll go over in this Sig P320 XCompact review. The XCompact is a variant of the Sig P320 series, intended as a concealed carry gun.

The Sig P320 family has a whole lot of fans out there, as the gun-buying public took to it like a duck to water. It's also found some adoption in law enforcement as well as the military, with the M17 and M18 pistols - which are mostly identical to the P320 platform - currently in service with the American military.

Let's face it - a lot of the Sig P320 pistols are bricks, even in the blocky world of poly-frame, striker-fired pistols. The P320 XCarry - and it's stablemate, the XCompact - has a thinner grip, as well as other improvements over the base model. Has this gun battled the bulge to the betterment of the breed? Is this one of the better Sig Sauer concealed carry pistols? Find out in our Sig P320 XCompact review…

Sig P320 XCompact Specifications

Sig P320 XCompact Right Side

The Sig P320 XCompact specifications are as follows:

Barrel length 3.6 inches
Overall length 7 inches
Height 5.3 inches
Width 1.3 inches
10mm Auto .45 ACP
Unloaded weight 25.3 oz
Capacity 15+1 of 9mm

The pistol comes standard with Sig Sauer's XSeries straight trigger bar, and Sig Sauer's XRAY3 night sights. Fore and aft cocking serrations adorn the slide, there's a bit of a beavertail to the frame for a good grip, and a 1913 accessory rail is part of the frame as well for your laser/light accessory. Another cool feature is that the slide is pre-machined for use with a reflex optic, in case you want to add one.

More gun companies are starting to add reflex plates as standard, such as recent guns like the Springfield Hellcat and others.

The grip features a modest palm swell, textured grip zones, along with a slight undercut on the grip housing under the trigger guard.

The party piece is the reduced grip circumference and corresponding reduction in trigger reach, which will make it a lot easier on shooters will smaller hands. The magazine release button is swappable and it features ambidextrous slide release/slide stop levers, so lefties are welcome.

Sig Sauer doesn't advertise MSRP anymore, but you could expect to part with $600 for one. It seems a little steep for a compact plastic pistol, but the devil is in the details, and that's really where this gun shines. The numbers don't give you the whole story; there's a bunch of subtle details that add up to a lot. The gist of the Sig P320 XCompact is that's it's like a P320 Compact where every little thing has been made better.

Sig P320 XCompact Review

The gist of this Sig P320 XCompact review is we loved it. Is it perfect? Maybe not, but it'll do until perfect gets here.

Again, the story is really in the little details, and they add up to a lot in the end. Let's get started.

Obviously, it has the modular fire control group, so you can drop the trigger mechanism into any other Sig P320 frame and slide.

Ergonomically, this is one of the best compact pistols Sig makes. The palmswell and reduced grip circumference makes the grip fill the hand to the perfect amount. You know how some guns have grips that are just a tad too fat, but slim subcompacts are just a little too skinny? This is the perfect meeting place between the two.

If you felt the Sig P365 was just too dainty, you'll love this gun.

The flat trigger sits at almost 90 degrees when fully set, which your trigger finger just naturally finds perfectly. It's just a plastic trigger, but darned if it doesn't feel great.

With the undercut to the trigger guard and frame, combined with the Goldilocks-sized beavertail at the back of the frame, you get a naturally high, tight shooting grip with ease. No need to adjust, your hand just finds it. Ergonomically, this gun rivals CZ in terms of how well it sits in the hand and that is rare in this era of plastic pistols.

The rear sight is flush with the rear of the frame, meaning you get the longest sight radius possible. Many users have found this makes it more adept at long-range shooting than other pistols of similar size, but YMMV. We could talk about recoil, but how one person experiences it is different than another, since it's highly subjective.

Then you have the fact that it comes with night sights; most guns have to have them added or you have to pay more for the upgraded model. The slide is pre-milled and has an adapter plate if you want to add a Sig ROMEO1PRO or Leupold Deltapoint Pro red dot optic.

Two of the standard 15-round units come with the gun, but it's compatible with the larger 17- and 19-round units if so desired.

What's really strange is that it isn't a whole heck of a lot smaller than the standard P320 Compact if you break out the tape measure. But it just feels so much more streamlined, as if the P320 Compact went to the gym or something.

If you asked the guy writing this, it's my favorite of the entire P320 family that I've come across so far. While they're good pistols, none have really overly impressed me or given me much of an emotional reaction, where I subconsciously think "oooh, okay, this thing is pretty cool." The P320 XCompact, however, did; if I was going to buy a poly-striker Sig, this is the one I'd buy. I wouldn't even look at the P365.

I'm not in love with any of the Sig P320 triggers. While I loved the flat blade, they all have this dull "thud" to them unlike the crisp snap of the Walther PPQ or H&K VP9. Hardly a deal-breaker, but it's the one thing that's kept me from getting super into them. But, of course, that's just me and my reaction to them. You might feel differently, and that's okay. You do you, boo.

Granted, the price of entry is a bit steep compared to many other pistols of the type, as it's liable to require $600 or more to put it in your safe. However, you're getting more for the money; as we said, the P320 XCompact has a lot of details seen to that many other guns that cost close to that much just don't.


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