Product Testing At Alien Gear Holsters

We test our product because life is tough. Our holsters are tougher.

At Alien Gear Holsters, all of our holsters and accompanying products are rigorously tested during development—and each new model of ShapeShift is put through a series of tests before being approved for launch, using the same tests that are utilized by the US military and NASA. We want to ensure you receive the highest quality holster possible.

Our American-made holsters are made of only the highest-quality materials—the injection-molded Shift Shells are custom made to fit each model of gun and are more durable than Kydex heat-molded holsters.

19-Point Torture Test Procedures:

Parts and Assemblies must survive an impact of a 2.5" diameter steel ball dropped from a height of tw ofeet on critical points of the product without cracking, breaking, or being damaged in a way that causes loss of functionality.

Compress product to 400 lbs. with no signs of cracking

Small parts on assemblies must survive a torque of 13 lbs. per inch of part diameter in both directions without cracking, breaking, or being damaged in a way that causes loss of functionality.

Bend item around an object with a 3" radius. The item must not crack, break, or become damaged in a way that causes loss of functionality.

Holster stays intact and retains its grip on the belt under duress of downward force at 170 lbs., and upward force of 130lbs.

Part or assembly must survive being dropped onto concrete from 30" multiple times in various orientations without cracking, breaking, or being damaged in a way that causes loss of functionality.

All stitch seams must hold together when pulled apart with 60 lbs. of force.

No jamming will occur after burying and unburying system in graded sand qualified for testing military equipment.

Locking elements must not be easily disengaged by bumping into and brushing against various objects. Such examples include brushing with arms, running into door frames, or wading through thick brush.

All metals used in the system were researched and tested to not react with each other or the environment and degrade in performance or appearance.

Spring assemblies must operate under 7.1 lbs. of force and return entirely by spring power.

Sliding elements must operate with less than 14.3 lbs. of force. Rotating elements must operate with less than 7.1 lbs. of force per inch of part diametes. (Based on NASA's Human Capabilities Manual)

Passive retention falls in acceptable category of force to draw and reholster firearm.

Active retention must not fail when pulled on with 100 lbs. of force.

All locking elements will continue to operate satisfactory after being cycled 2,000 times.

All gun contact components will remain completely whole and functional after a firearm is holstered and un-holstered 10,000 times.

Test any material that comes in contact with steel core by rubbing it against metal with 15lbs of force 400 times.

All exposed textiles are not worn through when a 1" diameter brass radial brush wheel moving at 760 RPM is pressed against the textile for three seconds.

Materials must not discolor or degrade when kerosene-based gun cleaner is poured onto the holster and allowed to sit for 16 hours.

Alien Gear Tested. Concealed Carry Approved.

The entire ShapeShift Modular Holster System has passed the 19-Point Torture Test, so you can rest assured that this is a holster system you can rely on—no matter what life throws at you.


Quality You Can Depend On

Our team works hard every day to make sure you receive the best holsters on the planet. Check out our other behind-the-scenes videos to see exactly what goes into making our holsters.

See What Our Carriers Are Saying

I was involved in an accident while riding my motorcycle. I was tossed off the bike and slid about 45 feet. All of this happened while wearing my [ShapeShift] 4.0 holster. I slid hard on the handle of my pistol.

My pistol never left the holster.

I was impressed at first by the comfort in day-to-day carry. After this accident, I am a 100% believer in the safety, setup and durability of your product. I will gladly be a lifetime Customer.

—Sean C., via Alien Gear Holsters Customer Service

I sell guns for a living. I just wanted to tell you that [Alien Gear] is the ONLY holster I suggest to patrons.

Kudos to you for putting ou the only versatile COMFORTABLE holster known to man.


breathable concealment holster
30-Day Test Drive

Wear your Alien Gear Holster for a month and if you don't agree that it's the most comfortable, concealable holster, we'll buy it back. No questions asked.

breathable concealment holster
Guaranteed For Life

Carry with confidence knowing that your ShapeShift holster is backed by our Forever Warranty. If any part of your Alien Gear Holster breaks for any reason, we'll repair or replace it for free.

breathable concealment holster
USA Made Holster

We are proud to envision, design, and create our gun holsters in the United States. Thank you for supporting our American company.