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Ruger LC9 ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster


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If owning a gun is a lifestyle, then a holster must adapt to that lifestyle. No matter who is carrying or where they're carrying, the holster must competently, comfortably, reliably react the lawful carrier's needs.

The ShapeShift Ruger LC9 paddle holster was made in America for durability and adjustability. ShapeShift holsters are part of a modular system. By removing the Shift Shell from one backer and installing it to another, what was once a paddle holster would then be a classic IWB, appendix IWB or a belt slide OWB.

Aside from morphing the paddle holster into other types of holsters, its retention and cant may be adjusted.

Install an adjustable retention unit for tighter or looser passive retention. An optional thumb release is also included for a form of active retention. The retention lip on the clip keeps the holster firmly planted on the waistline to ward against being disarmed.

The Shift Shell is made from injection-molded polymer to fit the dimensions, make and model of one's handgun — in this case, the Ruger LC9.

The paddle holster is also compatible with an included holster mount. By engaging the quick release, the shell can be removed from the holster clip and attached to the holster mount, which can be installed on compatible surfaces throughout a home, car or workplace for secure off-the-body storage.

Every single piece of this OWB holster is covered by our Forever Warranty. If something within the holster malfunctions or breaks for any reason, we'll repair or replace it for free. The holster is also covered by a 30-day test drive.

Give the holster a shot for a month. If within 30-days you find that it doesn't perform like you expected, we'll buy it back from you. No questions asked.
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