SCCY DVG-1 Cloak Mod OWB Holster


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Cloak Mod SCCY DVG-1 Paddle Holster

The Cloak Mod SCCY DVG-1 Paddle Holster is perfect for your range bag or for open carry. This rock-solid open top OWB is perfect for range days, competition, or when you just don't care about concealment. Take one for a 30 Day Test Drive starting today…

The Cloak Mod SCCY DVG-1 OWB is made for open carry applications where concealment just isn't called for, and to stand up to hard use in training, competition or carrying through rough country.

The Cloak Mod SCCY DVG-1 OWB holster is made with a rigid holster base, paired with a custom-molded retention shell. Please note that the retention shell is made for the standard model with iron sights. You will need to purchase the model made for the SCCY DVG-1 RD if you plan on using an optic.

The holster base is a rigid polymer base plate, with a molded thermoelastomer surface for the pistol to rest on. The holster base also includes a spring steel flex plate, which acts as a passive retention assist, flexing as the pistol is inserted into the holster and adding more retention force for secure carrying.

The rigid polymer retention shell can be adjusted to find the perfect draw and retention profile, and the belt attachment can be canted forward or rearward as you see fit.

The holster comes with two belt attachments, which you can swap as you want. You can use the holster as a paddle holster, with the included paddle attachment, or change it out for the belt slide attachment that's also included with your holster.

The Cloak Mod SCCY DVG-1 OWB Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. This comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, and our Forever Warranty for the lifetime of the holster.

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