Taurus PT709 Slim ShapeShift Holster for Appendix Carry


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ShapeShift Taurus PT709 Slim Appendix Carry Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The ShapeShift Taurus PT709 Slim Appendix Carry Holster is made to overcome the failings of many appendix carry holsters for this pistol and many others. This holster is designed to carry comfortably and conceal easily, more so than many other designs.

The typical PT709 Slim appendix holster is made with a leather holster base or out of hard plastic such as Kydex. In other positions, that is not an issue at all, but tucked under a shirt, against the skin, can be uncomfortable. Leather gets quite warm at times and hard plastic doesn't feel good against the skin.

The ShapeShift Taurus PT709 Slim appendix IWB, on the other hand, is designed to carry comfortably in this position and against bare skin.

The holsters shell is attached to a durable, comfortable backing layer of CoolVent neoprene, a cushioning layer that wicks away moisture and breathes against the skin, enhancing comfort while carrying. Layers of spring steel and woven ballistic nylon in the core of the holster give it a firm, flexible spine that helps the holster form to your shape but spring back once removed from the waistband.

The holster shell of this Taurus PT709 Slim AIWB is injection-molded, precisely fitting directly out of the packaging with no need for a break-in period. The trigger guard is fully wrapped for greater security, and passive retention is fully adjustable without needing the use of any tools.

We also include two choices of belt clip with your PT709 Slim appendix carry holster, in case you prefer the classic large clip or slimmer-profile belt clip.

You also get the benefit of Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including the 30 Day Test Drive trial period and Forever Warranty.

If you want to shift to a better carry, start your Test Drive today!

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