Taurus PT709 Slim ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

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ShapeShift Taurus PT709 Slim Core Carry Pack by Alien Gear Holsters

You get a Taurus PT709 Slim so you can carry it easy and often, so why not have a Taurus PT709 Slim holster for every different way you might carry? This way, you can make sure it is always on you, as a carry gun should be.

Usually you have to track down a Taurus PT709 gun holster for every intended use on its own. A holster for concealment or two, one for open carry at the range and so on, maybe a high-ride OWB for those times when you might want to switch.

That's a hassle, which is why Alien Gear Holsters devised the ShapeShift Modular Holster System. Some people approach carrying a gun as part of their lifestyle, and such a person needs more than one type of holster. You'd need at least one or two types of Taurus PT709 concealed carry holster and a couple of models for open carry as well.

The ShapeShift system allows you to seamlessly switch between carry methods in seconds by moving the innovative ShiftShell between backing platforms and belt attachments. The process is easy and doesn't require tools of any kind.

Your Taurus PT709 Slim Core Carry Pack comes with the four most popular holster types. More ShapeShift expansion packs are available, but the base pack comes with the holsters that most people are likely to use on a regular basis. This includes:

Taurus PT709 Slim IWB Holster, a traditional winged IWB with a comfortable backing layer and adjustable belt clips.

Taurus PT709 Slim Appendix Carry Holster, featuring a comfortable holster base for easy carry in the appendix position.

Taurus PT709 Slim Belt Slide OWB Holster, a high-riding belt holster that conceals easily if needed or carries openly if desired.

Taurus PT709 Slim Paddle Holster OWB, a tank of an OWB with active and passive retention, and swappable paddle or belt holster attachments.

All models feature adjustable passive retention. The IWB model also features adjustable ride height and cant angle. No tools are needed for these adjustments.

You also get Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and Forever Warranty. You can return your Taurus PT709 Slim Core Carry Pack within the first 30 days for a refund if you aren't satisfied. Any issue with the holster after that will be fixed or we send you a new one as long as you own it.

Shift to a better carry. Start your Test Drive today!

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