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1911 - 5 inch ShapeShift Ankle Holster

93% of 100
They said no one would ever carry with a 1911 ankle holster. It's just too ridiculous. No one would carry that gun on an ankle. It's just too much gun for ankle carry.

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

You definitely can ankle carry a 1911, it just requires the right kind of ankle holster, which is what Alien Gear set out to create: an ankle holster that could carry any gun, including a 1911 Government frame, and do so comfortably, securely and through years of use.

The ShapeShift 1911 Ankle Holster is just such an ankle holster.

Unlike other ankle holsters, our strapping includes an ankle loop. That makes the holster stable horizontally and vertically, allowing larger pistols than the typical snubbies and pocket .380s to be carried in this position.

The strapping is made from our Cool Vent perforated neoprene. This thick, plush material is vastly more comfortable than leather or nylon, while also breathing against the skin and wicking away moisture.

The holster is the ShapeShift shell system, consisting of a full outer shell and trigger guard shell. This completely covers the trigger. Since the ShapeShift is custom molded for the 1911 only, so it fits perfectly out of the packaging and offers better retention than ""universal"" designs you might encounter.

Ride height and holster retention are fully adjustable, so you can dial in the hold and carry position of your choice.

Don't think a 1911 ankle holster is really going to carry well? Take it on a Test Drive. Part of our Iron-Clad Guarantee for this holster is a 30 Day Test Drive trial period, during which you can return the holster for a refund if desired. However, if you keep it, then we also cover the holster with a full and comprehensive lifetime warranty.

It's a shift in what you can expect from an ankle holster.
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