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ShapeShift Appendix Carry Expansion Pack


NOTE: This product is not a full holster; it requires a Shift Shell in order to operate.

For those who currently own any ShapeShift Holster, The ShapeShift Appendix Carry Expansion Pack is a go-to, affordable option for daily carry. In order to turn this expansion pack into the full ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster, attach your half Shift Shell and trigger guard to the base, and you are ready to carry! Instructions are included.

The ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster is designed to be fully concealable, paired with unmatched comfort, so you can wear it all day, every day.

At the base of the holster is Alien Gear Holsters’ new and improved CoolVent™ neoprene that boasts superior airflow and a plushness that counteracts your rigid firearm. To prevent any discomfort, Alien Gear Holsters also removed all hardware that attached through the base of the holster.

Security is at the forefront of the ShapeShift Appendix Holster’s design. The trigger guard fully covers the trigger all the way up to the grip of your firearm, and the firearm locks into place with a one-of-a-kind retention. An updated adjustable retention unit easily tightens and loosens retention with a tool that also acts as a part of the holster.

Another form of retention for the Appendix Carry Expansion Pack is the alien skin surface of the holster. This material will grip your firearm and provide drag when holstering and drawing.

Alien Gear Holsters has observed holsters made with other materials that sag and lose shape over time, getting in the way of drawing and holstering. To keep your draw smooth and ever-consistent, the base of the ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster contains a stainless spring-steel core that maintains constant shape after relentless usage.

We back our promises with guarantees. Our products come with a Forever Warranty, and a 30-Day Test Drive.

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Customer Reviews

4.1 / 5 (Based on 3 Reviews)

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Great platform but design needs improvement Review by Matthew
I have been using the Shapeshift AIWB holster almost exclusively for the last month and a half and while I do enjoy it, it has some serious room for improvement.

First and foremost a wedge is seriously needed. While I can appreciate the rounded edges on the kydex shell and backer it still tends to dig in pretty good.

2) A claw is going to help with Concealment when added in with a wedge. Right now I am carrying a full size firearm and while it does conceal decently the grip tends to rotate away from my body. I find at times I need to run crossdraw depending on what clothing I am wearing.

3) the single belt clip should be replaced with snap hooks. This will feel more secure but it also will allow for people to tuck in shirts if done correctly.

Now for the pros. I really like the backing! It does a great job with wicking away sweat and it is pretty comfy.

The retention and form fit of the holster is also nice, so basically what makes the shells great for the rest of the shapeshift line.

My recommendation is to reach out to someone like Riley Bowman over at Concealed Carry for some industry advice on perfecting your appendix holster. If you could make a stand alone appendix holster as well that incorporated a wedge, a claw and was built slightly longer than the gun I think it could take over the AIWB market.

In closing, I really do enjoy the shapeshift series of holsters and the modularity is great but I would prefer a redesigned AIWB whether in shapeshift or cloak tuck. (Posted on 7/6/2019)
Love the shapeshift holster Review by Ek_Jose
I recently purchased the appendix carry expansion pack and i love how easy it is to take the shell off my 4.0 IWB and transfer it to the appendix carry expansion. Its so comfortable and i can do my everyday routine with no problems. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a concealed carry holster. Price is great and the way the holsters and the shells are made is just a dream. I will be a forever customer of Alien Gear. Thanks guys. (Posted on 11/5/2018)
Ok so I've only used this set up once but out of the 3 firearms I got shells for I tried it with the thinnes. The Walther pps 1st Gen is only .90 inches at the widest point and I have a number of appendix holsters for this particular gun some full kydex, some leather, and some hybrid. All of which conceal better than the shapeshift appendix holster. The shell itself is too bulky for what it is, but the biggest problem with this holster is the gigantic belt clip that is for some reason directly in front of the shell with about a 3/16" gap between now my .90" handgun is pushing 1.25". If they put any real thought in to this the belt clip would be on the same side as the grip and basically on the trigger guard.. most of the carry kit is useless (Posted on 10/13/2018)

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