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ShapeShift Features Page

By combining innovation with cutting edge technology, we are proud to bring you a truly revolutionary holster. The ShapeShift is prepared to meet the demands of your carry lifestyle. Learn what makes this holster so revolutionary in the features below.

Enhanced Holster Flexibility

The game changing ShapeShift flexes to your body on first contact. With its innovative single mounting point, the ShapeShift IWB Holster base is more flexible than any concealed carry holster on the planet. The wings on each side of the ShapeShift effortlessly curve to your side in seconds. More flex equals more comfort!

Low Profile Design for Best Concealement

It all began with the Shift Shell. Focusing in a minimalist design, the all-new ShapeShift Modular Holster System boasts a low profile in every configuration. With this slim, zero-bulk holster you can conceal better than ever. For added concealment, the ShapeShift is capable of being worn in the half shell configuration, so your holster will have an even lower profile in the IWB, Appendix, and OWB Slide configuration.

Adjustable Clips-Zero Hardware

Adjust your ride height and cant (angle) by hand with the new adjustable holster clips. Available in a variety of styles, the new polymer clips require zero tools or hardware, making it easy for you to customize your ShapeShift in seconds.

Easy to Shift

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System makes it easy for you to go from one carry position to the next. To transform your ShapeShift from an IWB holster to an appendix carry holster, simply swap out a couple pieces and you’re ready to carry in a completely different way. Shift to your favorite carry position in just a few toolless steps.

Breathable CoolVent Neoprene

Experience the next level of breathable comfort with CoolVent Neoprene. This plush, perforated material serves as a soft lining between you and your firearm. Skeptical about inside the waistband carry? Conceal with this incredibly comfortable IWB Holster for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll buy it back.

Enhanced Gun Safety

Safety is at the core of the ShapeShift Modular Holster System. With the all-new thumb release and Adjustable Retention Unit, this secure holster offers a variety of customizable safety options. The ShapeShift is also designed to cover both sides of your trigger guard in every carry position.

Customizable Retention

We are proud to introduce an all-new thumb release. Available with every ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, this thumb release offers an additional level of active retention. Wear it with the OWB paddle holster or various carry positions for an extra layer of holster safety. To push our passive retention to the next level, we’ve invented the Adjustable Retention Unit. This device makes it easy to customize your retention with just the spin of a twist lock. It’s that simple.

Gun Replication Technology

Using precision technology, every detail of your firearm is captured by the new Shift Shell. It’s like a second skin for your gun. Beyond breathtaking aesthetics, this new shell design offers perfect fit and fell when holstering your handgun. This is the next evolution of concealed carry, so be sure to experience it for yourself!

Advanced Concealment

With its slim profile and small footprint, the ShapeShift is the most concealable holster on the planet. Every detail caters to a minimalist design and all bulk has been cut from the ShapeShift Modular Holster. To tap into an entirely new cosmos of concealment, the half shell configuration offers an even slimmer profile and can be used in the IWB, appendix carry, and OWB slide configurations. For even more concealment capabilities, wear your IWB holster with a pair of Adjustable ‘O’ or ‘C’ Clips. These holster clips take up less space on the front of your belt and help to keep your holster out of sight. Both the ShapeShift IWB Holster and Appedix Carry Holster are completely tuckable, which allows you to tuck your shirt between your pants and gun.

Premium Engineered Polymer

The ShapeShift is designed with premium polymer, a proprietary material that will withstand the test of time. Its heat and impact-resistant properties make it a perfect choice for this incredibly durable holster. This tough polymer is much stronger than Kydex and will last a lifetime. We back that claim with our Forever Warranty.

Steel Core Retention

Your gun will feel safe and secure with the ShapeShift’s steel core. This embedded layer serves as a sturdy backbone to the entire holster base, providing you with additional retention and stability. It may be strong, but it is flexible.

Durable Ballistic Nylon

Everything’s better with a layer of ballistic nylon. This durable, woven fabric strengthens the ShapeShift from top to bottom and is designed to withstand your daily hardships.

Alien Skin Texture

After dozens of prototypes, our team discovered the best surface material to use on every ShapeShift IWB and appendix carry holster. This durable material has been rigorously tested to ensure it can hold up over time, while providing you with a perfect amount of drag to your draw.

Holster Mount

Go from your waist to virtually any surface with the ShapeShift Holster Mount. This handy accessory, included in every ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, can be mounted to wood, drywall, sheet metal and plastic. With the simple push of a button, take your holster from the paddle to a desk, bedside table, car and more with this revolutionary device. The ShapeShift Holster Mount makes it easy for you to integrate your personal safety into every facet of your daily life.