Rapid Force Duty Holster Shell For Glock 22 (Gen 1 - 4)


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WARNING: This Holster is designed to accommodate larger gun-mounted lights. As is common among holsters of this nature that are specifically designed to accept larger lights, this can leave an opening large enough for a foreign object or finger to access the trigger while the gun is holstered. Due to this opening, use of this holster, with or without a gun-mounted light, can lead to accidental discharge and, in some instances, serious injury or even death. For better trigger protection we recommend using the non-light bearing version of this Holster. 

The Rapid Force Duty Holster Shell allows you to expand your holster setup to other firearms.

Add our revolutionary Quick Disconnect System for even more versatility. With the QDS, you can switch between any of the Rapid Force Duty Holster carry configurations with ease. Already own the QDS? Just add a QDS Attachment to your Shell order for compatibility with your existing system.

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