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ATI C92 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A person buys an ATI C92 because they want a proven design with the markup, and an ATI C92 holster by Alien Gear has those same virtues. Our holsters are engineered for a superior carry, in terms of fit and also comfort.

Concealment of even full-size firearms is easy with an Alien Gear holster, and we make several models of ATI C92 concealed carry holster, all capable of carrying with the easy concealment and outstanding comfort Alien Gear is known for.

ATI isn't a big name? Worried your holster won't fit. Rest easy. Alien Gear has a gun library of more than 500 make and models of pistol, including the ATI C92. We custom-mold our holster retention shells for every single gun we make a holster for. It will fit perfectly, because it was made for exactly your make and model of gun.

You can also adjust the retention for the perfect carry. Additionally, if you choose one of our C92 IWB holster models, you can also set the depth and angle your firearm rides at, so you can carry the gun exactly how you want to - not how a holster maker forces you to. Customization is a priority at Alien Gear, and our holsters are designed for our customers to wear their pistols how they want, not how we tell them.

Our retention shells are also swappable, so you can wear one gun on multiple holsters, or multiple guns on one holster. We also include a lifetime of retention shell trades with purchase - so you can trade in the shell if you trade in your pistol, and keep your holster.

The lifetime of shell trades is part of our Triple Guarantee. Our guarantee also includes a 30 day "test drive" trial period, during which you can return your holster for a refund if unsatisfied. We also warranty every holster for life. Regardless if something occurs due to defect or damage, we will repair it, no questions asked - or replace your holster. For life. That's how we guarantee our holsters.