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Holsters for Beretta 92 - Compact


Beretta 92 Compact Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Beretta 92 is one of the most proven pistol platforms in existence, but not everyone wants a full-size pistol - which is why Beretta developed the Beretta 92 Compact. Alien Gear has a number of Beretta 92 Compact gun holster options available, for almost any need.

Those looking for an Inside the waistband holster can choose our Cloak Tuck model or our advanced Cloak Tuck 3.0 Beretta 92 IWB holster. The 3.0 is our flagship holster, boasting a neoprene inner layer, to conform to the shape of the wearer and keep out moisture - sweat included.

Those looking for a Beretta 92 owb holster holster, either for open carry or concealment under a jacket or sweater can purchase the Cloak Slide outside the waistband holster.

The inner layer is a steel spring core and a layer of tactical nylon, ensuring strength but also flexibility for a strong, secure fit. The outer layer is our proprietary Alien Skin fabric, which is soft enough to protect your Beretta, but provides traction so it never slips. The high-quality holster shell can be tightened to provide a retention to the holster, loosened to provide a fast draw or adjusted to any point in between.

There is nothing compact, though, about our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee. Every Alien Gear Beretta 92 Compact holster, along with every other one of our products, comes with it.