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Holsters for Charter Arms Undercover Lite Std


Charter Arms Undercover Lite Standard Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A snub-nosed .38 Special is the classic concealed carry gun, so why not get a Charter Arms Undercover Lite Standard concealed carry holster? Alien Gear Holsters are not just for automatics, as many still prefer to carry a wheel gun as their EDC pistol.

There's no reason you can't conceal and carry in comfort with a revolver, as comfortable carry is Alien Gear's specialty. Neither are you restricted to a specific type of holster, as Alien Gear makes both Charter Arms Undercover Lite Standard IWB holster and OWB holster models.

No function is sacrificed either - our holsters for this model pistol share all the same features as those for semi-autos, such as the adjustable retention shell. Our holster shells are custom-molded to the firearm that it will carry, making for a perfect fit right out of the box, with adjustable draw.

Likewise, our IWB holsters for the Charter Arms Undercover Lite are also adjustable for ride height and grip cant, so the wearer can position the holster exactly where they need it to be.

Available IWB holster bases include the leather Cloak Tuck and multi-layer Cloak Tuck 2.0. The original Tuck model is a classic leather hybrid holster, with a thicker pad of premium leather than most other holster makers offer, for a much more comfortable carry. The 2.0 is designed for the ultimate in comfortable carry, with a neoprene back-pad that comfortably sits on the wearer while repelling moisture.

Additionally, one can also select the Cloak Slide OWB holster, a belt slide OWB rig with Alien Gear's adjustable holster shell.

Like all of Alien Gear's holsters, our Charter Arms Undercover Standard Lite gun holster models come with our Iron Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes the 30-day Test Drive, for you to determine if it really is the holster for you, and a lifetime of shell trades, in case you swap in your pistol for a new model and need a new shell. Our guarantee also includes a Forever Warranty of the holster itself, and we will fix any issue due to defect or damage, or replace the holster completely, for as long as you have it.