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Holsters for Citadel - 1911 5 Inch


Citadel 1911 Holster

In your quest for the perfect Citadel 1911 (5-inch barrel) concealed carry holster, Alien Gear Holsters make it easy for you. We produce the finest holsters for virtually every gun model out there. It doesn’t matter if it’s an inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) model you’re interested in, we are sure to have one that you will be proud to carry.

We have two top-of the line 1911 IWB holster models for you. First, we have the original Cloak Tuck. This is a heavy-duty leather holster for you traditionalists. It has classic styling and is available in two colors natural tan or black. Both are drum-dyed for a lifetime of durability.

Next, is our Cloak Tuck 3.0. It’s like the original Tuck – only better. Crammed with technological innovations, this IWB holster has layers of spring-steel in the retention plate making for a secure grip and excellent re-holstering capabilities. Friction is reduced with the “Alien Skin” thermo-elastomer we engineered into the 3.0 and this custom rubber compound helps to make the holster waterproof. The holster’s hardware is protected and more durable thanks to the ballistic nylon layer we’ve included. As with every holster we make, you get our soft neoprene backing that fits softly against your waistline, and is adjustable for ride height and cant angle adding efficiency and speed to your draw.

As for open carry holsters, Alien Gear has a couple of great 1911 OWB options. The Cloak Slide is more of a traditional model heavy-duty leather holster with classic styling, strength and flexibility. The Cloak Mod Paddle holster is our other open carry model. This is a modular OWB that features interchangeability from paddle holster to regular slide belt holster and back, quickly and easily. The Mod utilizes a multi-layer design that has outer layers of our thermo-elastomer compound and a spring-steel core.

Whether you choose an IWB or OWB Citadel 1911 (5-inch barrel) concealed carry holster, you can be sure that our custom-molded shells will be an exact fit for your pistol. Because we mount our holster shells with adjustable hardware, you can modify the retention to what you like with a few turns of the hex key, that is included in the parts package that comes with every holster we sell.

Your Citadel holster also comes with our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee, that includes our Forever Warranty, the Free Retention Shell Trade, and our 30-Day Test Drive. Since we proudly make all our products in the U.S.A., you know you are getting the best gear on the planet.