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Holsters for Colt Detective Special Revolver


Colt Detective Special Holster from Alien Gear Holsters

It used to be that if one wanted to conceal carry, the Colt Detective Special was basically THE choice of pistol; it's still a perfectly viable choice, so why not get an Colt Detective Special concealed carry holster to go with it?

But it's an older design, you might think. How would one find a Colt Detective Special gun holster that fits as well or conceals as well for this discontinued model as those available for so many other pistols? Simple. Alien Gear has a gun library of more than 500 pistols, including the Detective Special, which we use to create custom-molded holster retention shells. As a result, your pistol fits perfectly in the holster from the start.

Neither is function compromised. Alien Gear's custom-retention shells are also adjustable, since we mount them to the holster backer of your choice with adjustable hardware. You can set the draw you prefer, not what we mandate you use.

Our Colt Detective Special IWB holster models are also adjustable for ride height and grip cant. If you choose to wear inside the beltline, you can set exactly how the pistol rides. Available backing materials include leather - our original Cloak Tuck - or modern multilayer design, in the Tuck 2.0. The original features a thick pad of premium leather for maximum comfort, and the 2.0 features a high-friction top surface and neoprene backpad, which wears comfortably and repels all moisture.

If wearing on the belt is more to your liking, there is also the Cloak Slide, a leather hybrid belt slide holster.

Regardless of holster choice, you get a guarantee. In fact, you get three of them. Alien Gear's Iron Clad Triple Guarantee includes a 30-day Test Drive period, so you can see if it's really the holster for you, and a lifetime of retention shell trades, in case you ever trade in your pistol and want to keep your holster.

Lastly, our guarantee also includes a Forever Warranty of the holster itself. If there's an issue, we will fix it - regardless if it's due to defect or damage - or replace the holster. Forever.