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Holsters for CZ-75 - Full Size


CZ 75 Full Size Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Finding a concealable holster for a full-size pistol isn’t easy, or so you might think. Alien Gear are specialists in concealed carry holsters and we have a CZ 75 full size concealed carry holster. In fact, we have several.

All of the Alien Gear CZ 75 full size gun holster models will serve expertly in a concealed carry capacity, whether it’s a CZ 75 IWB holster or or an OWB holster. Every Alien Gear holster come with adjustable-height retention shells, so you can adjust the retention level to your preference for the perfect draw. Ride height and cant are adjustable on our IWB holsters.

For carrying inside the waistband, the standard bearer for our brand is the Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster, which was made with full-size concealment in mind. The core of the holster is a sheet of spring steel, which offers sufficient horizontal tension against your waist to keep your pistol secure as well the flexibility for it to conform to you for concealment in comfort. Additionally, a backing of neoprene keeps sweat and other moisture away, while our Alien Skin material keeps it safe from slippage or abrasion.

We offer a 30-day Test Drive as part of our three-pronged Iron Clad guarantee. Buy an Alien Gear CZ 75 full size holster and take the time to decide you like it. If not, send it back for a refund. We also guarantee the holster against all defects and damage, for life.

We also offer a forever guarantee on shell swaps. Get a different gun and don’t want to buy a new holster? Send us your old holster shells, and we’ll give you the retention shell for your new gun. It turns out you don’t have to leave this galaxy to get a holster system that’s out of this world.