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Holsters for Dan Wesson - 1911 CCO 4.25 inch


Dan Wesson 1911 CCO Holster 4.25 inch by Alien Gear Holsters

Dan Wesson 1911 CCO handgun delivers a powerful shot to any attacker, while also providing you with a reliable daily carry. Pair it up with a Dan Wesson concealed carry holster from Alien Gear Holsters. This concealed carry combination will serve you well day in and day out – guaranteed. Here’s why:

We have a 1911 Dan Wesson IWB Holster that has been made by our team of trained manufacturers who custom mold each shell to match the specific gun model. So you can rest assured that your 1911 will click into place and stay there.

To go a step further, we’ve made it possible for you to tighten the molded holster shell around your gun with just the turn of a few screws. You’ll find it easier than ever to customize your holster’s retention. So if you’d like a tighter draw, simply tighten the screws that connect your shell to Dan Wesson 1911 holster. That’s it!

To expand our customizations even further, our qualified engineers have made it possible for you to adjust your IWB holster’s cant (angle) and ride height. This allows you to carry your Dan Wesson 1911 concealed carry holster the way you’ve always wanted to.

We also offer our slim profile ‘Cloak Slide’ a Dan Wesson 1911 owb holster. This outside the waistband holster gives you an easy way to access your Dan Wesson 1911.