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Holsters for H&K - P2000 European Version


H&K P2000 Holster (European Version) by Alien Gear Holsters

Given its rarity, you might think finding an H&K P2000 European version holster is hard to find. That’s a galaxy away from the truth...if you come to Alien Gear Holsters. We make three H&K P2000 european version gun holster models. You can choose from two IWB models and one OWB holster.

Every Alien Gear holster excels as an H&K P2000 european version concealed carry holster. Concealment is what Alien Gear does best, so if concealment is your aim you have come to the right place.

All of holsters feature our retention-adjustable shells. Our high-quality, low-friction retention shells attaches to the holster base via screws and bushings, rather than rivets. That means you can adjust the hold, and therefore your draw.

Our H&K P2000 IWB holsters are the Cloak Tuck models. The flagship model is the Cloak Tuck 3.0, which uses a neoprene back, our Alien Skin surface on the front and a sheet of spring steel in the middle. Alien Skin is a high-friction material, gripping clothing and keeping your gun from slipping once holstered. The spring steel guarantees zero break in time is required, and your holster will hold securely and comfortably to the wearer while being durable enough for a lifetime of wear.

Additionally, you can choose the original Cloak Tuck, available in high-quality black or tan leather. The same leather choices are available for the Cloak Slide, our OWB holster. Both the Tuck and Tuck 3.0 feature belt clips adjustable for height and grip angle, so you can set the carry position to your liking.

Each Alien Gear holster comes with a 30-day test drive. If, inside of 30 days after purchase, you decide you don’t like your holster, you can return it for a refund. We also offer a lifetime warranty against damage or defect, and lifetime shell swaps. If you get a new gun and want new shells, send us the old shell and tell us which shell you want.

Alien Gear may well be the last holster you buy.