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Holsters for Kimber K6S


Kimber K6s Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Kimber K6s is a revolver designed first and foremost for concealed carry; if you're getting a Kimber K6s holster, it should be designed to match.

Alien Gear Holsters is able to offer multiple choices of Kimber K6s concealed carry holster models, all adept at comfortable carry while maintaining concealment with both inside the waistband and outside the waistband options.

You can also expect the custom fit that you would normally only hope to get from a custom holster. Alien Gear is able to give you the custom fit your firearm deserves by molding a holster shell for exactly your make and model gun. You'll definitely be able to appreciate the custom holster fit without the lead time or expense traditionally associated with custom holsters.

The adjustable hardware lets you dial in the retention force to precisely your desired setting. Select models, such as our IWB holsters, are also adjustable for ride height and grip cant, so you can set up the perfect carry position.

Since we deal in the hybrid holster format, you only need select the backing system you want to carry.

Should you desire deep concealment, you have multiple choices of K6s IWB holster models. You only need to pick the exact backing system you prefer. If leather is your preference, the Cloak Tuck K6s IWB holster is made with a backing of premium 12-oz leather, available in black or tan - thicker, more comfortable and more durable than many other leather IWB holster designs.

You can also choose the Cloak Tuck 3.0, an ultra-modern holster design with a multi-layered backer for even greater comfort and durability. The neoprene backpad cushions you while the spring steel and woven ballistic nylon core give the holster a firm and flexible spine, ensuring durability, longevity and comfort.

Want to carry outside the waistband? There's the Cloak Slide Kimber K6s OWB holster, a hybrid belt slide holster made from the same leather stock as the Cloak Tuck. You can likewise choose black or tan leather and enjoy a comfortable OWB carry.

All Alien Gear Kimber K6s gun holster models come with our Iron-Clad Guarantee. First you get the 30-Day Test Drive, a money-back trial period during which you can return your holster for a full refund in the first month of ownership if unsatisfied.

You also get a lifetime of retention shell trades. Should you ever trade in your pistol for a new model, you can trade in the retention shell and keep your holster.

Your holster is also fully warrantied for life against all defects or damage - any issue will be fixed or you get a new holster.

It's a whole new world of better carry.