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Holsters for Ruger LCR 357 Mag Revolver

Concealed Carry

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Ruger LCR 357 Mag Revolver Cloak Chest Gun Holster
Ruger LCR 357 Mag Revolver Cloak Chest Gun Holster

Ruger LCR 357 Mag Revolver Chest Holster


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Ruger LCR 357 Mag Revolver Cloak Series Finished Shell
Ruger LCR 357 Mag Revolver Cloak Series Finished Shell

Cloak Series Finished Shell


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Ruger LCR 357 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Just because semi-autos are more popular for every day carry doesn't mean that you can't find a Ruger LCR 357 concealed carry holster that's every bit as comfortable and functional as one for a magazine-fed pistol. In fact, the snub-nose revolver is the original concealed carry gun.

You don't have to sacrifice anything by carrying a wheelgun, as Alien Gear's Ruger LCR 357 gun holster models have every feature that our holsters for semi-autos do. Our retention shell is custom molded to the LCR, so it fits perfectly right out of the box. It fits like a custom holster because it is - custom made to every make and model of pistol we sell a holster for.

That custom fit means a smoother draw and better retention. Since we use adjustable mounting hardware for our holster shells, the draw is customizable by the carrier. You set the draw you want, not just what we send it out of the factory with.

Our IWB holsters for the LCR .357 are also adjustable for ride height and grip cant. Should you opt for the premium leather Cloak Tuck or modern, multi-layer Cloak Tuck 2.0, you will be able to set exactly how the holster sits in the waistband and what angle the grip sits at, instead of having to merely be content with how the holster left production.

OWB models are available as well, like the Cloak Slide OWB holster. The Cloak Slide is a hybrid belt slide holster, featuring the same adjustable shell as our other holsters and made from the same premium, black or tan leather as the Cloak Tuck.

If you like the dependability of a revolver, then you'll love our guarantees. We give you three, starting with a 30 Day Test Drive. Take up to a month! Wear the holster, carry with it, get a feel for the holster you purchased. If after that time you aren't convinced that it's a quality holster, we will buy it back - no questions asked.

Besides the test drive, you also get a lifetime of retention shell trades. If you ever trade in your pistol, you can trade in the retention shell and keep the holster. Lastly, we also guarantee the holster itself - forever. Our Forever Warranty covers any defects or damage and regardless of the issue, we will fix it or replace the holster. Forever.