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Holsters for S&W 5903


S&W 5903 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

There are a lot of holsters out there for service pistols, including S&W 5903 holster models, but they're mostly just adequate. There are also plenty of purported S&W 5903 concealed carry holster models out there, but they aren't really the most comfortable - merely just adequate.

Alien Gear is out to do more than be adequate. Alien Gear is out to be the next stage in evolution in holsters, including every one of our S&W 5903 gun holster models. We make hybrid holsters, with better-quality, thicker retention shells than many comparable holsters.

We engineer our holsters to be the best in terms of materials and function, including comfortable concealment for full-size pistols. IWB holsters by Alien Gear are easily tuckable and comfortable to wear, and OWB holsters sit perfectly with a good gun belt, and are likewise concealable with a long-tail shirt or jacket.

If leather is your preference, Alien Gear Holsters has it. Our leather IWB holster, the Cloak Tuck, and leather OWB holster, the Cloak Slide, are made from high-quality hide and can be had in black or tan. You'll notice the leather is thicker than other leather hybrid holsters, and as a result our leather holsters wear more comfortably but also more securely.

You can also select advanced multi-layer designs, such as the 3.0, with a spring steel core, neoprene back pad and Alien Skin surface. The 3.0 holds a firearm securely, while wearing securely and ultra-comfortably. You'll swear it was made for you.

Each concealed carry holster comes with a forever guarantee of the holster, a kit of mounting hardware for our adjustable retention shells and a 30-day test drive. Take up to a month to wear the holster and if it isn't for you, return within that period for a refund. We also offer lifetime shell trades, so you can get your shell replaced if you get your pistol replaced. On the house. That's the Alien Gear difference.