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Holsters for S&W 6906 (Square Trigger)


S&W 6906 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Since the S&W 6906 was conceived firstly and foremost as a concealed carry pistol, why would you look for any other kind but a S&W 6906 concealed carry holster? It's tailor-made for concealed carry, as with the slim proportions, low weight and legendary S&W function.

Alien Gear knows that's what the soul of the 6906 is, and that's exactly what we had in mind while making our line of S&W 6906 gun holster models. Each is engineered for a comfortable carry, whether IWB or OWB, and easy concealment.

Our S&W 6906 IWB holster models, such as the Cloak Tuck and the 3.0, are easily tucked, and feature adjustable belt clips so the wearer can select the ride height and grip angle of their choosing. OWB models like the Cloak Slide can be easily covered with an untucked shirt or jacket. Also, all Alien Gear holsters have an adjustable retention shell.

Available holster materials include leather and multi-layer designs. Alien Gear leather is thicker than many comparable holsters, for greater comfort and security while wearing. Natural tan and black can both be had.

If a multi-layer design is more to your liking, such as the Cloak Mod OWB and Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster, you'll be hard-pressed to find more advanced designs than Alien Gear. The 3.0 and Mod are built around a core of ballistic nylon and spring steel, for a strong and secure carry but enough flex to wear comfortably. The 3.0 also features a moisture proof neoprene backing and Alien Skin textured surface, which helps keep your pistol retained better than any other material available.

Regardless of which model you choose, know it's backed by one of strongest guarantees in existence. Every holster comes with a forever guarantee, and we will fix or replace anything that goes wrong.

You also get a lifetime of replacement shell trades, so you can simply swap shells if you ever swap out your pistol. We also offer you a 30-day test drive, so take that time to see if it's the holster you wanted. We think you'll know from the first moment you try it on.