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Holsters for Taurus - 1911SS 5 inch


Taurus PT1911SS 5-inch Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The typical Taurus PT1911SS holster you might find at the local gun store might very well fit. It may very well carry okay. But is it as good as it could be?

Once you get past the convenience of just being able to buy one off the rack, you might find that PT1911SS gun holster has some deficiencies. Note the fit - does it really fit your gun, or does it fit your gun just well enough to work? Does it adequately retain the pistol or do you have to use an active retention device?

Also, how comfortably does it carry? Can you wear it all day without feeling relief when removed?

A lot of holsters for full-size pistols come up short in these regards. However, Alien Gear has a better PT1911SS concealed carry holster.

First the fit. We custom-mold the holster for this pistol, so the fit is perfect out of the box. This aids retention, but we also make the retention adjustable - so you can get the draw that you want.

Since we specialize in the hybrid holster design, we are able to concentrate design energy in the backing platform, making it as comfortable and as durable as can be made. The result is a holster that fits perfectly and carries comfortably, in concealment or openly should you open carry.

You merely need choose the backing platform.

If you prefer deep concealment, you can select one of our Taurus PT1911SS IWB holster models. We have a leather backing platform available in the Cloak Tuck - choose black or tan - and a modern multi-layer design, the Cloak Tuck 3.0, with a neoprene backpad, spring steel core and textured surface. These holsters conceal with ease, carry comfortably and will last for years of service.

You also have your choice of Taurus PT1911SS OWB holsters, either the leather hybrid belt slide or the Cloak Mod PT1911SS paddle holster.

Not sure you believe the hype? We give you 30 days to return the holster if you don't like it, for a full refund. You can also trade in the retention shell at any time for a different model if you ever trade in your pistol for a different model.

Your holster is also fully warrantied for life, so rest assured that we will fix any issue - or give you a new holster.

Isn't it time you had a better carry?