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Holsters for Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer 2.5 inch


Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer 2.5 inch by Alien Gear Holsters

Everybody stand up - here comes The Judge...and the Taurus Judge holster from Alien Gear. The Judge by Taurus is one of the most popular personal defense weapons in recent memory, packing either a potent .45 Colt or .410 gauge shot-shell - or both concurrently - for the ultimate in close-range firepower.

The dimensions might lead one to think that a Taurus Judge Poly concealed carry holster is foregone...but it is most certainly not. Alien Gear has The Judge in the gun library that we use to make our holsters, so not only do we make a holster for it - we make several, including both IWB and OWB, so you can carry it however you want to.

Every holster we make uses a retention shell mounted to a backer, like many other holster companies. However, we set ourselves apart by using shells that are custom-molded to the pistol. Your pistol will sit more securely, as it's every contour is gripped by the holster like it was made for it - because it was - and the pistol will draw smoother than you've ever experienced.

Holster bases available for the judge include leather and ultra-modern multi-layer designs. If you just can't do without leather, and who could blame you, the Judge can be situated in either the Cloak Tuck IWB or Cloak Slide OWB holster. We only use thick, premium leather - available in black or tan - for a comfortable, secure carry that will last, unlike thin leather holsters sold by many others.

You can also select the Cloak Tuck 2.0, a multi-layer design featuring a high-drag top surface and neoprene back-pad, which cushions the wearer and keeps sweat and other moisture out.

Additionally, our holsters are adjustable. Retention shells can be adjusted to the carrier's desired level of retention, and IWB holsters feature adjustable belt clips. If you carry in the waistband, you can dial in the ride height and grip cant to your preference.

You can also rest easy about our guarantee. Our Iron Clad Guarantee includes a 30-day test drive, for you make sure it's really the holster you want. If not, we will buy it back - no questions asked. You also get a lifetime of retention shell swaps, should you ever trade in your pistol. That said, revolver bases are only compatible with revolver shells, so you'll need a new holster if you trade in for an auto. Lastly, the holster comes with a Forever Warranty - defect or damage, it matters not; we will fix any issue or replace the holster. Period.