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Holsters for Taurus PT100


Taurus PT100 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The miracle of comfortable concealment can happen with a Taurus PT100; all you need is the right Taurus PT100 holster. Many holster designs would not be conducive to daily carry in terms of comfort, or ease of concealment.

It would be revolutionary for such a Taurus PT100 gun holster to be comfortable enough to carry every day, but designed in such a way to be concealable. However, comfortable concealment is Alien Gear's specialty.

Amazing concealed carry is possible without having to resort to a custom holster with the attendant lead time and expense with Alien Gear's holster design. By employing the hybrid holster format, we're able to give you a PT100 concealed carry holster that carry comfortably and securely.

First is the fit. We start by custom-molding a holster shell to the PT100, so it will fit perfectly right out of the package. Then we mount it to a backing platform of your choosing. Carry inside or outside the waistband; it's your choice.

If you prefer deeper concealment, we have several options of Taurus PT100 IWB holster available in our Cloak Tuck line. For those preferring the feel and wearing characteristics of leather there's the original Cloak Tuck in black or tan. If you prefer more modern materials and design, the Cloak Tuck 3.0 is made of several layers of material, including a neoprene backpad and spring steel core, which carries incredibly comfortably and will do so for years, if not decades.

We also have PT100 OWB holsters available as well, such as the leather belt slide Cloak Slide holster, or the Cloak Mod PT100 paddle holster.

Sensational as these features may be, they mean nothing until you put the holster on. If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you and that's exactly why we give you 30 days after purchase to make up your mind. You can return the holster in that time for a full refund if not.

We think you won't want to take it off.

We also give you a lifetime of retention shell trades, in case you ever trade in your pistol for a new model and want to keep using your holster. Send us the old shell and we'll send you the shell for your new gun for free.

Your holster also comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Improvement can be made to your daily carry. All you need is a little Alien Gear.