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Taurus PT101 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A miracle would be finding a Taurus PT101 holster that would let you carry comfortably every day. There are plenty of holsters out there for this gun, but very few that aren't strictly duty holsters or otherwise strictly for OWB use.

The challenge, then, is to find a PT101 gun holster that's designed for comfortable carry.

Because there are people out there who need a PT101 concealed carry holster that can carry in comfort, Alien Gear is one of the few companies that is willing to make just such a holster. You can easily get yourself carrying and concealing this make and model pistol, and without the lead time, expense and break-in period of a custom holster.

Instantly you'll notice the fit. We custom-mold a retention shell to this and only this pistol, ensuring a proper fit and good retention with our hybrid holster design. We also use adjustable mounting hardware, so the draw can be set exactly how you want it.

With the hybrid holster design, the backer can be engineered to deliver a comfortable carry at all times, and through years of service. All you need to do is select the backer of your choice.

Compare similar holsters, and you won't find a Taurus PT101 IWB holster as comfortable as the Cloak Tuck line. The leather of the Cloak Tuck original is thicker and plusher than competing models, so it will never "break" and thin out. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 is a revolutionary multi-layer design, with a neoprene backer and spring steel core that ensure years of comfortable carry.

PT101 OWB holsters are available as well, such as the Cloak Side belt slide OWB and the Cloak Mod PT101 paddle holster.

    Offer all these product features, okay, but what about a product guarantee? No worries - ours is Iron-Clad. We guarantee the following:

  • You can return the holster for a full refund if unsatisfied within the first 30 days of ownership.

  • You can trade your retention shell in at any time if you trade in your gun for a different model.

  • Your holster is fully warrantied for life.

Compare this guarantee with most other holster companies, and you'll find they just fall short. Get yourself into a better holster, with Alien Gear.