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Holsters for Taurus PT140 Millennium Gen 1


Taurus PT140 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Compact pistols such as the Taurus PT140 were meant to be carried, so why not carry in a Taurus PT140 gun holster that's as comfortable as it is concealable? Alien Gear's selection of Taurus PT140 concealed carry holsters are engineered from the ground up to carry and conceal a pistol in perfect comfort, allowing you to keep a pistol on you all day, every day, with ease - in case it should ever have to be used.

No longer will you have to accept the fit and retention the holster maker deems appropriate - Alien Gear's custom-molded shells fit every nook, cranny and contour of your gun, holding it better than any other holster can. Our holster shells are also adjustable, so you can set the retention level you desire. Our PT140 IWB holsters can also be adjusted for ride height and grip cant, for the perfect carry position.

Since Alien Gear employs the hybrid holster design, you merely need choose the backing system. Our Taurus PT140 inside the waistband options are leather or a multi-layer design - our 3.0 holster - which has a spring steel core, Alien Skin surface and neoprene backing. Our Taurus PT140 OWB holster options are very similar, as you can select either a leather belt slide holster or the Cloak Mod, a multi-layer design similar to the 3.0. The Cloak Mod also can be converted from a belt slide to a paddle holster and back again, and is compatible with our Cloak Dock holster mount system.

You make your choice of Taurus PT140 gun holster, all of which come with Alien Gear's Iron-Clad guarantee. With purchase, you get a lifetime of retention shell trades in case you ever trade in your gun for a new model and want to keep your holster; simply attach the new shell. You also get a 30 day trial period where you can "test drive" the holster and see if you wish to keep it. If you do, the holster is covered under a lifetime warranty - as we will fix any defect or damage, or replace the holster outright. It may be the last holster you ever need to buy.