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Secure Subcompact Ruger LC9s Pro in an Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster


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The IWB holster quickly became a classic, responsible way to concealed carry. To add to that tradition of reliable everyday carry, the ShapeShift IWB holster is made in America with a straightforward, innovative system that is made to secure your subcompact Ruger LC9s Pro for comfortable everyday carry.

The ShapeShift Ruger LC9s Pro IWB holster has a backer that is crafted with four carefully chosen materials: 1. closed-cell, cushioned, perforated neoprene to wick away moisture and pad the body, 2. a flexible spring steel core for structure that reacts to the shape of the body, 3. a front surface made of high drag Alien Skin texture with minimal impact to the gun, and 4. a layer of ballistic nylon for durability.

The holster attaches to the base with a single mounting point, severely reducing printing, and contorting the holster more comfortably to the body.

This Ruger LC9s Pro IWB holster shell is made in America with a highly durable, engineered polymer — which is also found in handgun manufacturing — as are the parts holding it together.

The IWB holster gives the concealed carrier the option to control the level of retention in the holster with an included custom retention bar, as well as the cant to the preferred angle to increase the holster's accessibility.

Try it out for a month and see if you like it. As part of our guaranteed 30-Day Test Drive, we will purchase the holster from you within 30 days if you find it doesn't work for you. Additionally, if you decide to keep it, we cover the holster and all its parts with a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong, we'll replace or repair it.

The ShapeShift holster doesn't fit a niche within the market, it defines a niche. The modular system can be reconfigured to any of the available ShapeShift options to shift an IWB to a belt slide OWB, or an appendix holster into a OWB paddle holster.

It brings a new level of control and customization to gun ownership.
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