S&W M&P40 4.25 inch barrel ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster


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What are the common failings of a S&W M&P40 IWB holster?

Too bulky is one that we've heard of. Uncomfortable materials is another. Poor fit and retention are also common weak points of holsters. So is not being adjustable so the wearer can position the holster in a more comfortable configuration.

These are pretty common complaints about holsters for this gun.

You don't have to put up with any of it. You can get a holster that only takes up the space it needs to. An M&P40 IWB that fits like a glove and allows you to adjust retention and carry position. An IWB holster that will carry even the M&P40 - a service-grade pistol - in utter comfort.

Here's how:

The ShapeShift's shell design allows us to reduce the overall footprint of the holster, by about roughly one-quarter overall. It's actually about the size of a lot of other companies' compact pistol holsters.

The backer itself is made from multiple layers of materials that allow for a comfortable carry, such as a back layer of ventilated neoprene and a core of woven nylon and spring steel. The backer flexes to fit you, but cushions while you wear it. It's amazing how comfortable it is.

The shell itself is molded for the M&P40, fitting perfectly and also - due to the unique nature of the ShapeShift shell design - fully wrapping the trigger guard. You barely need to add any passive retention to carry securely, though you can if you want to via the included Adjustable Retention Unit.

You get your choice of belt clips - standard clips, J- or C-clips, or our new O-clip loops - which are also adjustable for ride height and grip cant, and without the use of tools.

Sounds great, but what if I don't like it you ask?

Well, you can send it back for a full refund during the first month of ownership. That's part of the guarantee that comes with the holster. So does a full and comprehensive lifetime warranty, as we stand by our products.

Your carry can evolve. Shift into a better holster.
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