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Carry Comfortably with Alien Gear's S&W M&P40 4.25 inch barrel Holster


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OWB carry is definitely more comfortable, but the issue is finding a S&W M&P40 OWB holster you can actually conceal practically. There are plenty out there, but not everyone wants to wear a parka everyday in order to conceal and carry.

What normally keeps one from being able to use a M&P40 OWB in this way? Largely because of how they wear. Either it hangs too low to conceal with anything less than a full length coat or it sticks out so far from where it's secured that there's no way anyone's getting fooled.

Alien Gear has one designed exactly for OWB concealment.

The ShapeShift belt slide M&P40 OWB holster rides close to the body, flexing to fit your shape with a durable, flexible backer that carries comfortably. It also rides high enough for minimal covering to effectively conceal even a full-size pistol like the M&P40.

Here's how:

The backer is made with multiple layers of durable fabrics, with a core of woven ballistic nylon and spring steel. It flexes and curves to fit you, but anchors firmly to you. Besides wearing securely, it also moves with you instead of awkwardly flapping when you take a tiny step in any direction.

The belt attachments are just ahead of the trigger guard. As a result, the bottom of the holster doesn't droop past the pocket, which is the case with most other OWB holsters and especially those for full-size pistols.

The result? An M&P40 OWB holster that rides high and tight, perfect for daily carry and easy concealment for those who prefer to wear their holster in this fashion.

That's a lot to promise, but what if it doesn't really work out?

That's why we give you 30 days to return the holster for a full refund if you don't like the holster. We will buy it back during the first month you own it if you aren't satisfied, because we want you to carry with a holster you'll want to carry with.

We also fully warranty the holster for life. As long as you have it, any issue will get fixed or you get a brand new holster.

A better carry is out there. Why not make a shift into a better holster?
Please Note: If you have a thumb release from a different ShapeShift offering, it will not work with the ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster.
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