S&W M&P40c Compact 3.5 inch barrel ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster


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There are so many S&W M&P40C IWB holsters out there being made by so many different makers. What could set one apart from the others?

Comfort for one. Not all M&P40C concealed carry holsters are really that comfortably. Thick leather backers will hold well...but don't always feel great against the skin and can get hot in warm weather.

A holster not taking up too much space inside the waistband would be a bonus.

Fit and retention is another. Not every holster is truly molded for the pistol it's sold for and a good number of them don't allow the wearer to adjust the retention force. After all, some people will want a tight hold and others prefer an easy draw.

Why live with these common drawbacks to M&P40C gun holsters if you don't have to?

The ShapeShift 4.0 is the cure for the common IWB.

Comfort is not going to be an issue. The backer of the ShapeShift M&P40C IWB holster is nearly 25 percent smaller overall compared to similar holsters, taking up less space in the waistband. We also build it for comfortable carry, with a ventilated neoprene backlayer that keeps you cool and dry.

The fit is custom, as the retention shell is molded precisely for the M&P40C. Many users find the shell itself provides adequate retention, but in case you want a little more the Adjustable Retention Unit will dial in the exact amount of passive retention you want.

You also get your choice of belt clips, including our standard clips as well as C-clips, J-clips and our new O-clip belt loops. The belt clips can also be adjusted for ride height and cant without the use of tools.

What if I don't think it's really that good, you wonder?

That's fine. You can return the holster for a full refund in the first 30 days of ownership. We want you to carry with the holster that you like. We think you won't want to take the ShapeShift S&W M&P40C IWB holster off.

We also warranty the holster fully for life. Any issue will be fixed, or we'll send you a brand new one, for as long as you own it.

You can make a shift into a better carry holster.
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