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S&W M&P9 4.25 inch barrel ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster

91% of 100
If someone made a good S&W M&P9 paddle holster, you might actually use one more often. So many of them leave a lot to be desired. You have the old-school leather models and modern designs that sort of fit the gun, but need a thumb break or other active retention to actually retain the gun.

Then you have flimsy or uncomfortable paddle attachments that don't inspire you to wear them more than once or twice a year.

Paddle holsters are honestly one of the most neglected holster designs out there, which is a shame due to their convenience. You can put them on in a couple seconds, and take them off as quickly.

Why aren't there more quality options out there for an M&P9 paddle OWB holster?

There is one though. An M&P9 paddle holster that fits the pistol perfectly. That has not only adjustable retention, but at that customizable retention. That you can actually use more than a few times a year without having to worry about it when you carry with it.

What sets the ShapeShift S&W M&P9 paddle holster apart?

The fit is custom, as we injection mold the Shift Shell for the M&P9. It fits like a glove right out of the packaging. You can adjust the passive retention to your desired setting or install a thumb break for active retention - or both, for a full Level II M&P9 retention holster.

The paddle attachment is contoured for comfortable carry, with a retention lip to keep it in place once secured to your person. You can also swap out the paddle attachment for a belt slide attachment if desired.

Grip cant is also adjustable, so you can carry with a straight drop, forward or rearward cant or even horizontal if you wanted to.

Sound too good to be true? We'll give you the first 30 days to wear the holster. You can return it for a full refund at any time during that period if you aren't satisfied.

Don't worry about the warranty - we warranty all holsters fully and for life. Any issue will be fixed or you get a brand new holster for as long as you own it.

Shift to a better carry.
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