ShapeShift Driver Defense Car Holster


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Car Seat Holster

  • Fastens to your seat without tools, hardware, or drilling
  • Adjustable design accommodates a wide variety of vehicle seats
  • Quick, convenient access to your firearm

Your firearm should always be secured and easily accessible no matter where you are, and driving should not compromise your comfort or safety.

Traveling or sitting down for long periods can be uncomfortable and restrictive when carrying. To avoid discomfort, many carriers will set their firearm in their center console or in the glove box. These inaccessible locations can compromise safety with the unpredictability of traveling.

The ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster is the easiest and most convenient way to secure your firearm and bring defense to the road. This car seat holster, which requires zero drilling or mounting hardware, is the most non-invasive way of securing your firearm in your vehicle.

Other holster mounts require a complicated installation and a lot of commitment as they usually are screwed into the vehicle's interior. Transferring them to a different vehicle is also difficult and may leave marks.

With the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster, securing your firearm for your commute is as easy as pressing the quick release of your current ShapeShift holster, removing your secured firearm (encased safely in the full Shift Shell configuration), then attaching it to the Driver Defense Holster. This quick release feature also accommodates cant adjustment.

The Driver Defense Holster has two highly-adjustable nylon straps that attach to most vehicle seats. The straps thread through the back, wrap underneath, and buckle at the front of your car seat. When you sit down to drive, the holster is secured between your knees in the most accessible position.

You will never need to worry about the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster slipping around and affecting your security; anti-slip properties are integrated in the holster’s design. Both straps have a durable backstop piece that braces against the back of the seat to prevent the holster from pulling forward when secured.

Every piece of the holster that the straps weave through is texturized with pyramid spikes to provide grip and prevent any unwanted holster movement.

The straps are made with a very strong woven nylon webbing capable of enduring large amounts of pressure with no signs of damage. Lightweight, durable buckles have a two-pronged design that maintain the most secure hold.

Feel comfortable, confident and prepared for anything with your firearm secured and ready every time you get in your vehicle. Expand the convenience of the ShapeShift to the road and experience peace of mind with the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster.

Our 30-Day Test Drive allows you to test out the ShapeShift Car Holster with no strings attached, and if you are completely satisfied with its performance, enjoy a Forever Warranty with purchase.

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