Taurus PT140 Millennium G2 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster


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Carrying an inside the waistband holster is a classic mode of concealed carry. Classics, however, need to change. The ShapeShift Taurus PT140 Millennium G2 IWB holster was made to innovate tradition and take the next step in concealed carry.

The ShapeShift holster is modular. It can be adapted into different carry methods to meet the individual's lifestyle. The backer can be uninstalled and the shell can be mounted to any of the other available ShapeShift holsters, like appendix IWB, OWB belt slide or an OWB paddle.

That level of customization is reflected in the Taurus PT140 Millennium G2 IWB holster design. By raising or lowering the clips with a quick turn of the wrist, the cant and ride height are changed to meet individual draw style. A custom retention bar, which controls how tight or loose the passive retention is, is included in the ShapeShift kit.

The IWB holster backer is made from four materials: neoprene, spring steel, ballistic nylon and a proprietary Alien Skin thermo elastomer. The neoprene cushions the holster against the body and wicks away sweat. The flexible spring steel core molds to the body and gives the backer structure. The ballistic nylon adds durability and reinforcement. The front layer of Alien Skin provides a durable, high drag surface.

The low-profile shell is mounted to the backer at a single point, bolstering comfortability. The shell protects the trigger guard and encloses the slide, and it's made from engineered, injection-molded polymer to precisely fit the make and model of the handgun.

This modular holster is made in America to durably withstand the wear and tear of daily carry. All the materials and components are covered under a lifetime warranty. We will repair or replace the holster if something becomes an issue.

The holster also includes a 30-day test drive. Don't sweat it. If you don't think it meets your needs within a month, we'll buy it back with no questions asked.

The ShapeShift holster is the next step in versatile concealed carry.
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