Carry Comfortably with Taurus PT740 Slim Shoulder Holster


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ShapeShift Taurus PT740 Slim Shoulder Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

For those times when you need to carry concealed but aren't able - or just don't want - to carry on the belt, the ShapeShift Taurus PT740 Slim Shoulder Holster is the way to do it. No other shoulder holster system is designed to carry as comfortably or securely.

There are some traditional drawbacks of a shoulder holster for Taurus PT740 Slim pistols. We set out to overcome them with the innovative design that Alien Gear Holsters is known for. If you had been avoiding carrying in this manner, this is the shoulder holster that will finally let you carry and conceal in comfort, without needing to have it tailored.

One problem with many shoulder holsters is that they are "one size fits all." Ours is adjustable, so that you can find the perfect setting for you. Ride height and cant angle are also adjustable, so you can set the gun to carry high, tight and horizontal or take it low to the belt and carry as a Taurus PT740 Slim vertical shoulder holster.

We've taken pains to ensure a comfortable carry. The first thing you'll notice is how the straps find a natural resting place, as they articulate with the clover harness. This ensures that the straps ride comfortably. We also pad the shoulder straps, the magazine carrier and the holster base pads with CoolVent neoprene, which cushions while breathing against the skin and wicking away moisture.

You also get your choice of color. Your Taurus PT740 Slim leather shoulder holster can be had in black or brown...or you can get both, if you need to be able to match your belt and shoes.

Belt hooks anchor the harness to the belt, pulling the gun tighter to the body and aiding concealment. The weight of the pistol is also spread out a little bit more evenly.

The holster itself is the ShapeShift Shell system, custom molded for the Taurus PT740 Slim so you get a perfect fit. No more universal holsters need apply. The trigger guard is fully enclosed for greater security, and passive retention is fully adjustable. Dial in the hold exactly as you see fit. You can also choose to carry with or without the included thumb break if you desire active retention.

You also get the peace of mind knowing that your PT740 Slim shoulder holster is backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and a Forever Warranty. Send it back in the first month if you aren't happy. We will repair any issue or replace the holster after that.

If you'd like to shift into a better carry, start your Test Drive today!

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