Taurus TH9 9mm Cy/Bk 4.25 inch Cloak Belt Holster


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Taurus TH9 Cloak Belt Holster

If you prefer a minimal amount of gear, the Taurus TH9 Cloak Belt Holster will do it all. You can open carry or conceal in comfort. Start a 30 Day Test Drive and see for yourself…

The Cloak Belt Holster is a high-ride belt slide OWB, riding high on the belt and close to the body. This puts the pistol in a convenient location for fast access, but also makes it easy to conceal with minimal covering. An untucked button-up shirt or light jacket is all that's needed.

This holster for Taurus TH9 pistols is designed to carry comfortably and securely. The holster base is a revised version of our Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB base, optimized for OWB use with a new combat cut for a fast, full firing grip on the pistol.

The custom-molded retention shell ensures secure retention, and smooth drawing and reholstering. Set the retention and draw profile by adjusting the mounting hardware, and get it exactly how you want it.

Choose the belt loops for your size of belt, as both 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch belts can be accommodated.

Your Taurus TH9 holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. You get the first 30 days to return the holster for a refund if you need to. The holster has a lifetime warranty, against any defects or damages, and we'll also swap retention shells with you if you ever trade in your gun for a different model.

Start your Test Drive today, and carry in comfort!
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