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Why You Should Shoulder Carry A Backup Gun

Carrying a backup gun can be an ordeal.

You'll likely consider carry style, concealment, caliber, capacity and size. Often, an ankle holster is a go-to, but if you choose to shoulder carry two guns, things suddenly get a lot simpler.

How viable is that though? What do you have to give up for this to be a convenient carry style?

With modularity, the tradeoffs are few and far between (at least in our opinion).

Shoulder Carry Two Guns With The ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

double carry shoulder holster

A backup gun is just as accessible as a primary EDC when you shoulder carry two guns.

And you don't have to decide between one gun or the other (we've all been there).
The ShapeShift Shoulder Holster was built to target this exact issue.
The holster normally comes with one gun and two mag carriers.

A decent offering.

But, as part of the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, it comes with a few perks. A platform sits on each side, connected beneath the arm to the harness.

Those platforms are fitted to include specific types of mounts. You can grab a separate gun platform to carry a second firearm. Note that if you're, say, right-handed, the second handgun will be a left-handed draw, and vice versa.

Another benefit of the mounted platform is that you can swap out the polymer shell. So, if you get a new gun, there's no need to get a new shoulder holster.

Why does carrying this way matter though? What do you get out of it?

Why You Should Consider Shoulder Carrying Two Guns

shoulder holster two guns

If you're the type who's into carrying a backup rig, then shoulder carrying two guns is a legitimate consideration.


Each gun is immediately and equally accessible.

Once the shoulder holster is fitted appropriately, each can be carried either openly or concealed, whichever is most preferred.

Think about it. Often, a backup gun will be on the ankle. That's a great carry style. It's easily concealed and instantly accessible when seated or prone.

When seated or prone.

For those who want more mobility when carrying another gun, a shoulder holster is one of the most convenient options.

The ShapeShift Shoulder Holster also has the highest level of retention relative to all other Alien Gear holsters. There's adjustable passive retention and an active retention thumb break.

The holster is adjustable for different body types, and it includes premium English Bridle Leather, perforated CoolVentâ„¢ Neoprene against the body and an inner layer of elastic to help the holster flexibly move with the body.

It has the comfort of a hybrid holster, the utility of a modular holster and the slim profile of a minimalist holster.

It also has one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry — a lifetime warranty and a 30-day test drive.

It makes everyday carry more accessible and flexible than all prior shoulder holsters.

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